7 Times  When Logan Paul  & KSI's Prime Drink  Broke  the News

 #7  Prime Drink Launch took social media  by storm in 2022,  generating a massive buzz  thanks to the immense fan  following of  Logan Paul  and KSI.

#6  Prime Hydration Drink  listed for £2,000 a bottle  on eBay  & other black  market reseller   Places in UK

#5  In a game-changing move,  Premier League club Arsenal partnered with  PRIME hydration  drink in july 2022

IImage: Footbal Daily

#4 The NEW PRIME energy  drink  launched with all  the hype  on social media

#3 December  2022, Hundreds of UK  shoppers  queued up to  buy the viral  Prime energy drink

Image:  Twitter

#2 March 2023, Prime energy Drinks  Banned in some  schools in UK &  Australia due to  high caffeine  Concerns